We sit around laughing and joking Reminiscing Telling stories older than me but stories told so much that I know them just like I was there Stories full of love and family But, stories full of violence too And lies And infidelity I listen and remember But I wonder… Why did the women in my […]


It’s funny how I ever thought you’d be enough for me Funny how I thought you could hold all that is me You couldnt hold me all if you tried I am water. I am sand. I am a whisper. I am the result of particle physics and quantum mechanics falling in love My layers […]

Collector’s Edition

When you were little, you were a doll on a shelf Always admired, rarely played with Taken down and put right back in your place How lonely How awful But, how could they not? Look at how beautiful you are! Look at how gorgeous your skin is How kissable your lips How fragile yet resilient […]


It’s something about the way you touch me Like you’re afraid I’m not quite real Like if you squeeze too hard I might disappear Maybe it’s your eyes, the way you look at me Like I’m all you ever wanted and your favorite meal all rolled up in one Or maybe it’s your lips, how […]


Long talks Secrets shared Fears revealed Emotions uncovered 592 miles fall away and suddenly I’m right next to you Breathing your air Smelling your skin Touching your skin Why should I run from everything I’ve ever wanted?


  She thought he was worthy She thought he was strong enough So she reached up, up past the clouds of fluffy afro And plucked And laid her crown at his feet Everything that I am is now yours she told him He grinned, and set her crown atop his head And they sat on […]


  I hope that you hate me That any mere mention of me churns your stomach and raises your blood pressure That any story you used to tell that somehow involves me is no longer uttered I hope that you hate me That anything that reminds you of me has been trashed, or hidden away […]