Taking Responsibility

  So I’ve been watching Lockup on Netflix and one common theme is standing out in every episode. Whenever the film crew is doing a one on one with an inmate and they ask “So why are you in here?” all the inmates tend to answer the same way. They will answer the question, but […]


How difficult it is, to see your life force drained siphoned to feel as if something has been stolen ripped from you When you probably created the gash from whence you bleed out Like a child that discarded a toy only to want it back when someone else picks it up   You should probably […]


Originally posted on SLHARPERPOETRY:
Some things leave no room for misunderstanding, like your climbs to the tops of towering pines, and your belief that you can never cry. At age five, you dream of a woman with wings like a bat dressed all in black. She swoops down, grabs you, pins you in her lap,…


There’s something peaceful about after the storm When the winds have stopped ripping trees from the ground When the hail has stopped breaking windows When the tornado has stopped abducting houses and little girls   There’s something sacred in the destruction Something hopeful Like when a fire ravages a forest But you see new growth […]


When I decided to do this series, I was super excited about it. I know so many talented individuals, but they would probably not get the exposure that they need to a bigger audience due to having a smaller network of people. Despite this being one of the main obstacles, these people do not let […] […]

An Old Friend

You don’t know fear You haven’t felt it crawling around                           under your skin, burrowing into your bones Fear isn’t your constant companion Casting a grey shadow over every waking and sleeping moment Fear hasn’t made you an island, adrift in your very […]


I wish that I could go back in time and unmeet you. I wish that I could just walk the other way. Wish that I could pull that “hello” right back into my mouth              And swallow it down, down into the deepness of my soul where you could never […]