There’s something peaceful about after the storm When the winds have stopped ripping trees from the ground When the hail has stopped breaking windows When the tornado has stopped abducting houses and little girls   There’s something sacred in the destruction Something hopeful Like when a fire ravages a forest But you see new growth […]


When I decided to do this series, I was super excited about it. I know so many talented individuals, but they would probably not get the exposure that they need to a bigger audience due to having a smaller network of people. Despite this being one of the main obstacles, these people do not let […] […]

An Old Friend

You don’t know fear You haven’t felt it crawling around                           under your skin, burrowing into your bones Fear isn’t your constant companion Casting a grey shadow over every waking and sleeping moment Fear hasn’t made you an island, adrift in your very […]


I wish that I could go back in time and unmeet you. I wish that I could just walk the other way. Wish that I could pull that “hello” right back into my mouth              And swallow it down, down into the deepness of my soul where you could never […]

Casual Sex

“The trick with casual sex,” she said, “is not letting it go beyond casual.” “Uh Huh,” he replied. “You can’t let it get too deep; you can’t have expectations. Expectations are just commitments under an assumed name.” “You’re right,” he said, peering at her from the corner of his eye. “You can’t read too deep […]

A Letter to My Daddy

Dear Daddy, Today is your birthday. Another birthday you didn’t live to see, but it’s yours all the same. I know you’re in heaven living it up right now (don’t get put out for having too much fun). Another year we don’t get to hold you close and tell you just how much you mean […]

Self Love

So I’m talking to this guy. Adult talking, hint hint. It’s really low key and low expectations. We hang out when we can and no one is guilting the other when we can’t. I think he’s amazing in some areas, while he needs some work in other areas. My bestfriend calls him the Trainee (with […]