Taking Responsibility


So I’ve been watching Lockup on Netflix and one common theme is standing out in every episode. Whenever the film crew is doing a one on one with an inmate and they ask “So why are you in here?” all the inmates tend to answer the same way. They will answer the question, but not once say “I’m in here because I committed *insert crime*.” They’ll have all the details down, from the time of day to what they were wearing, but never implicate themselves. That’s interesting to me. The fact that these grown people are able to tell you exactly what went down, but not able to take responsibility for their part in the crime is amazing.

Watching this show made me start to think about how much people (including me) tend to not want to own up to their stuff. How many of us have played the blame game when it came to less than stellar moments in our lives? I know I have. I think it’s human nature to want someone else to blame when things go wrong. That’s part of why ancient humans created Gods (but that’s another post for another day).
All I can do is try and take responsibility for the events (and disasters) that are my fault. Not to say that everything that goes bad (or good) in your life is solely because of you, but you have to realize that your choices do play a part. As I’m beginning my inevitable, slow descent into my 30s, I’m trying to be more upfront about how my choices impact my life and the lives around me.  I’m not perfect and I know I won’t always get this right in my life, but I think as long as I strive to be better at it everyday I’ll be heading in the right direction.


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