The Illusion of Body Image

My long time friend has some pretty valid things to say about body image and self love. Go check her out.

Denova Chaos

Body image is something that we all deal with no matter if it is positive or negative. It is something that makes us wonder if we should eat that second bowl of chicken alfredo pasta or do 25 sit ups instead. We live in a day and age where media is being shoved down our throats, no matter if we’re actually paying attention or not. Even though media has become a lot more diverse with its presentation since I was growing up, there are still so many that struggle with body image, or how they see themselves.

I can use my story, for example. For most of my childhood, all the way to puberty, I was a chubby kid. I did not think much of it because kids were often teasing me for things other than my weight. I had short hair, big teeth, and a voice that was similar…

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