Alice 1

Alice decided to sleep with her ex. It wasn’t because she missed him. It wasn’t even because she was horny and in need of release.

She did it to get back at Lawrence. She did it to wipe his smug grin out of her mind. To erase the memory of his touch from her body. If he doesn’t want to be with me, she thought, then he doesn’t get to have my body.

Alice knew it was a bad idea from the start. After all, didn’t she promise herself that she wouldn’t ever sleep with this ex again? Didn’t she say no going back? Looks like things change.

It was weird at first, having someone else touch her. Kiss her. It felt like a violation against Lawrence. Like she was cheating. But you can’t cheat on someone who has left you. You can’t cheat on a ghost.

Alice felt every caress like it was through saran wrap. It was like a weird out of body experience. She knew the process was good, but for the life of her, she couldn’t quite connect.

Roger was in heaven though. He couldn’t believe that Alice had actually called him. That she’d chased him. And now she was naked. In his bed. So what that she didn’t quite meet his eyes. She was there, that’s all that counted.

For Roger, time lost all meaning. For Alice, time was quicksand, steadily dragging her under. Every move of their bodies only served to strangle her. Suffocation had never been so long-winded.

Alice wouldn’t call Roger for three months.


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