Hello world! I decided to start a blog because deep inside my soul, there has always lived a writer. For years, I let that voice be silenced by others and, perhaps most importantly, by my own hand.

It’s a strange death that one goes through when you deny parts of yourself to flourish. It’s like a half life, a cursed life (sorry, I’m a Potterhead). There’s nothing worse than having a incessant need to create and forcing it down. An artist never dies; they just go mad.

I felt that I was heading down that road. Words were begging to come out. I had begun to dream only in words (it’s even weirder than it sounds), poems were banging against the file cabinets in my mind, characters were forming revolts.

Something had to be done. So, I decided to open the floodgates. Welcome to Quixotic Girl in a Concrete World.  Remember, we’re all a little mad here. 😉






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